Materials and Types of Modern Interior Door

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Published: 10th January 2011
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Planning to redo your home? Looking for the ideal doors for your house? There are several options when it comes to doors. Gone are the days when you had to opt for historic doors with a lot of ornaments and form that defied the basic function of a door. Today, you have a lot of modern interior doors to choose from.
The material that are used for modern interior doors have evolved over time. Today, there are several eco-friendly material available and also offers a plethora of options. Here is a list of a few materials that are widely chosen.
A. Materials in use
• Wood
Wood is the all time favorite option of most people, today you have several green options like composite wood and hard wood that is grown on well managed forests. Today, wood is not used alone in these modern furniture; the features of wood are best accentuated when combined with steel, aluminum or glass.
• Steel
A much greener option, it is also equally durable and long lasting. Most of these doors are 100% recycle and does not emit poison into the environment. You could have a door that is completely steel or that is in a combination with glass making it very chic and modern.
• Aluminum
This is an equally different option than wood and comes with lots of choices. You could opt for just a wooden frame with lacquered, etched or stained glass depending on where you wish to place it.
• Glass
Modern interior doors made of glass gives the room a more artistic effect.
B. Types of doors
• Sliding
Sliding doors are an ideal for wardrobes, showers, bathrooms, patio and decks. There is a lot of choices when it comes to sliding doors. You could opt for sliding that fold and can disappear into the wall.
• Single door
There are several choices when it comes to a single door from a wide array of material, color and textures. One wonderful choice of chic modern interior door is an aluminum frame that holds lacquered glass and has a magnetic locking devise. The magnet is well hid within the door making it invisible.
With so many choices for a single door it is hard not getting confused. When selecting the door always try and match it to the rest of the theme of your house to create maximum drama, also ensure that the color or the texture of the door is consistent with the rest of the dιcor.

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